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4 Tips for Social Media Recruiting

4 Tips for Social Media Recruiting 732 528 Sprockets

It’s the 21st century: The Information Age. Millennials and Gen Zs have become the largest generations in the workforce. As their love of technology continues, it is important for businesses to embrace innovation in the hiring process. A large portion of that is “social recruiting.”

Online social networking has been around since the 90s. However, early platforms like Myspace and Friendster were not designed for online reputation management and were not typically used for social media recruiting.

As we’re moving into the 2020s though, social sites have become more professional and normalized. Everyone and their mom is on social media. It’s too large of an opportunity for recruiters to ignore. Where else do billions of people deliberately create an account and list their personal information?

So the big question is, how do you use it (and not look like a stalker)?


Tip #1: Know What You’re Looking For

Before you start messaging all your social media followers with private messages about how great your job opportunities are, take a moment and assess the situation. What job openings do you have? Where are you in the hiring process? Are you looking for someone to create their own position? What skill sets are you looking for in a potential employee? What is your company culture like?

Assess your needs.

Defining your purpose in hiring will give you an ample idea of who you are seeking and what that person needs to be able to bring to the table. While this does not help you pull a face out of a sea of names and profile pictures, it does give you a better idea of where to start looking and how to tailor your posts.

If you are bent on sending out private messages for social recruiting, look through your top commenters. What kinds of engagement do they offer? Are they helpful to other customers? Do they care about your brand like you do? What kinds of hobbies do they have according to the type of content they post?

Learn the content your consumer engages with. If they seem like a good fit from there, reach out.


Tip #2: Be Creative

In order to engage people, you have to create content that is going to inspire them.

When it comes to building an interesting Facebook or Instagram page, every successful business knows they need to post creative content. Blog posts that answer niche questions—a blog post like this one—are extremely popular for engaging people in your targeted demographic. This concept can be applied to screening for a job search as well.

Asking a question that only your targeted recruit and potential candidates would be able to answer is an easy, fun way to engage them. For example, if you are a company that produces a beauty magazine and you’re looking for a beauty advisor, you could ask, “which concealer is better – Brand A or Brand B? Explain your answer.”

Not only will all the fashionistas be geeking out about a chance to express themselves, but you’ll get to see the reasoning behind their choice. Maybe there is not an actual right answer to your question, but simply seeing the way a person’s mind works through their words is a powerful tool for searching out high-quality ideal candidates.

Another way to do this is through Instagram. Hold a photo or graphics contest. Encourage your followers to come up with a unique photo or graphic within the realm or the topic you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a new designer for your next big charity partnership, give them some basic design guidelines and a single tag line about the charity. You can give as many or as few details as you want, but just see what people come up with. While you won’t be able to legally use the results in your marketing—unless you onboard the winner—you will get a great look at your talent pool so you can handpick who to reach out to in the future.

Additionally, hosting polls and contests is a fun and inexpensive way to boost your social media marketing presence and employer branding among your normal followers. A consistent presence is key when it comes to making a positive impact on your brand on social media, whether there is an open position or not.


Tip #3: Be Consistent

To effectively execute social media recruiting, it’s important to use a company social media account that is consistently active. Showing your recruits that you are established in offering quality content is crucial. Your consistent presence on social media sites tells recruits that you’re easy to reach, you’ll respond in a timely manner, and it shows the trend of your work ethic.

Investing in some posting timers will allow you to backlog posts for weeks and months at a time. You can schedule these posts to release on ideal times and dates to reach your target audience. While you need to be creating content on a regular basis to keep your funnel active, the convenience of media timers is a great time saver in the long run.

Another way to remain consistent online is to create a posting plan. This is essential whether you’re recruiting or simply looking for more client engagement. Knowing when you’re going to use certain hashtags, what your next 10 blog posts will be about, and what infographics you’re going to use to illustrate your statistics are key to helping you balance your online representation.

Using a wide range of media is also fantastic for reaching different demographics in your target audience. Some people are visual learners who love infographics. Others are audio learners, so podcasts are great. Facebook live, blog posts, and other mediums of outreach engage your followers and recruits on multiple platforms, allowing them the luxury to choose when, how, and what they want to learn.

Tip #4: Pick the Right Channels

Every social media platform reaches different demographics and has different connotations. LinkedIn is specifically designed for recruiting and job seekers. Here, you’ll find both your candidates who are actively looking for work and passive candidates who are willing to take a better offer. Instagram is where your young Millennials and older Gen Z-ers hang out. If you’re looking to hire younger creative minds, social media is a good recruiting tool. Twitter has become all about new headlines and image communication through hashtags. This is a great place for your polls and your quippy questions. Lastly, Facebook has become the world’s largest address book. You can literally find everyone and their mama’s mama on Facebook. My great grandfather is 98 years old and guess how we keep in touch?

Knowing what your social site is designed for and the main demographic is important in marketing for your job opportunity. Having 2-5 social media accounts is a good way to keep tabs on all of your different demographics in mind. Just be sure you have enough unique content to spread between them. Nobody likes to see repeated posts on different social sites.

Ultimately recruiting online takes research, just like any other form of marketing. However, social media—at its core—is meant to be fun and relaxing. Enjoy the questions you ask and the comments you interact with. At the end of the day, you want to be able to have fun with your next hire just as much as you want to work well together.

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