Hire Better Talent With a Retail Pre-Employment Test

With a never-ending need to hire and train new employees, retail industry managers can easily veer from the businesses’ true mission and vision. Sprockets’ hiring tools help the retail industry reduce turnover rates and net superior, lasting talent.

Someone on a laptop hiring hourly employees with Sprockets

Hire Better Retail Talent, Faster

  • As the leading strategic hiring partner in the retail industry, we help retailers increase their hiring success rates.

  • Store managers can leverage pre-employment testing solutions to find hourly employees with an aptitude to excel in the role and the personality fit to remain long-term.

  • Our pre-employment tests help net exceptional talent with excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, and a high productivity rate.

Take Advantage of Well-Developed Pre-Employment Tests

Drastically Reduce Employee Turnover and Build an A-Team With Sprockets

  • Reduce Employee Turnover
    With employment in the retail industry expected to grow and the average turnover expected to rise, a tool like Sprockets can help retain employees and reduce hiring costs.

  • Avoid Disciplinary Issues
    Sprockets’ tests help retailers hire more trustworthy and reliable employees.

A woman on a phone with a candidate

Find Applicants With the Right Blend of Customer Service and Sales Skills

  • Evaluate a combination of experience and key character traits from Sprockets’ mental makeup analyses to predict applicants’ success.

  • Interview the best-performing applicants based on crucial data gathered on each prospective employee.

  • Final Results: Hire productive, reliable retail employees and improve retention rates.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Hiring Process?

Sprockets will help you hire the right applicants the first time so that you
save money on hiring and training costs.