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Hiring Hourly Employees: Tips to Be Competitive

Hiring Hourly Employees: Tips to Be Competitive 1200 600 Sprockets

There are 80 million hourly employees in the United States. To put that in perspective, that’s over half of the workforce. Hiring hourly versus salaried workers has variants, which can be contingent on factors like working location, level of experience, and education. Here’s some advice for hiring hourly employees that will put you ahead of your competition.


Offer a Mobile-Friendly Application Process

Over 90% of applicants search for a job from their phone. By making your application process mobile-friendly, you are more likely to not only attract applicants, but get them to apply. After applications come through, consider texting instead of calling to schedule an interview. This is beneficial for two reasons. The first reason is that people don’t always answer calls from unknown numbers. The second is that texting available interview times allows the applicant time to identify which time works best for them instead of blindly agreeing to an interview, reducing the amount of interview no-shows.


Limit Necessary Requirements

Hourly employees can span from entry-level without any experience to put on a resume to a manager with 15+ years of experience. The same requirements aren’t needed for both positions. Entry-level hourly workers may not have a resume, a LinkedIn profile, or past references. To get someone into the next stage of the screening process, limit the requirements needed to apply. This may mean asking for examples of times they have been a leader or when they had to take responsibility, instead of asking for a cover letter. 


Actively Engage with Applicants

The average hiring process takes 29 days. When an applicant is looking to start making money ASAP, they lean towards whoever offers a job first. For this reason, it’s important to actively engage with applicants throughout the hiring process. This includes letting them know when they’ve made it to the next stage, getting an offer sent over immediately after deciding, and letting them know what start date is available.


Streamline the Process

To streamline the hiring process in a beneficial way for the applicant and yourself, there are a few tools that can be used. Common hiring tools include pre-hire assessments, applicant tracking systems, text-to-apply features, and more. Sprockets’ pre-hire assessment offers a quick, three-question, mobile survey to see which applicants are a great match for the company. This dramatically reduces the time spent reviewing applications. The results of this mean you can be more competitive in time to hire and hire better matches..


Hype Up Your Business

As much as you want an applicant to sell themselves during an interview, it’s important to sell them. For hourly workers, it is likely that they can find a job down the street doing the same tasks. But, when you take the time to sell the culture, benefits, and career opportunities, it sets the position apart from others they may be interviewing for. This may also include a second interview having them meet with current team members or meeting with the GM or owner to show how valued the employees are.


Before you move forward with hiring new employees, consider utilizing these tips. They will keep you competitive in hiring hourly employees by catering to your audience. Plus, learn how Sprockets’ hiring solution can serve as your pre-hire assessment and applicant tracking system to streamline your process and help you hire the best possible employees.